112: Chabbisodhana Sutta: The Sixfold Purity

If a monk declares he is enlightened (birth is destroyed, etc), don’t approve or disapprove. Ask of each of these, and of each ask how do you know so that through not clinging your mind is liberated>

  1. There are four expressions: telling seen as it is seen, heard as it is heard, sensed as it is sensed, cognized as it is cognized.
    • He answers: with regard to all of these: I abide un-attracted and unrepelled, independent of these
  2. There are the five aggregates: material form, feeling, perception formations, consciousness.
    • Answer: knowing all these are feeble, fading away and comfortless. With the destruction (etc) of clinging to these. I have understood my mind is liberated.
  3. There are six elements: earth,water, fire, air, space, consciousness.
    • I have treated these all as non-self.  With the giving up of attraciton and clinging based on them, I understand my mind is liberated.
  4. The are  internal and external bases. (eye and forms, ear and sound, nose and oders, tongue and flaors, body and tangibles, mind and mind objects)
    • Answer: By giving up desire, delight and attraction for these things, I understand my mind is liberated.
  5. With regard to the body, the tendency towards i/mine-making and the conceit of self.
    • Answer: I lived the home life, learned of the dhamma, aquired faith, renounced, purified my mind, went through the jhanas, directed myself towards destruction of the taints, saw the origin, casue, and cessation of the taints.

(no one knows why there are 5, but the title speaks of 6)


  • Place: Savatthi in Jeta’s Grove, Anathapindika’s Park
  • Who: Buddha, Monks


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